A Quick Look at Options for Crypto Tax Software

Apr 08, 2022

Ever wondered which tax software you should try for your crypto tax reports?


If you bought and sold any cryptocurrencies last year, you probably need to report your gains and income to your government for taxes.


Knowing which software will meet your needs is crucial to reducing your frustrations and headaches with tax reports.

Watch this video to check out five different options you have, depending on the number of trades you made, crypto income you might have earned, and other considerations. Jessica reviews what she looks for when she's choosing a software, especially as a crypto bot trader. She also talk about why crypto tax reporting software is so important: establishing the cost basis is CRUCIAL to not overpaying in taxes!

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Here is what you'll find in this video:

  • 0:00 Teaser – Did you do any crypto trading last year?
  • 0:40 The new question the US government (IRS) is asking about cryptocurrencies on your tax forms
  • 1:38 If you have no idea how to report your crypto taxes….
  • 2:08 If you did bot trading (especially as a student of Dan Holling’s The Plan)
  • 3:06 The similarities of most crypto tax softwares and the #1 thing to look for in a good choice
  • 4:05 What else to look for in a good software
  • 5:12 Intro to free software to report your taxes
  • 6:56 Intro to cheap software
  • 7:52 Intro to well advertised and popular solution
  • 9:37 Intro to a little more expensive but professional help available
  • 10:47 Intro to the only software we recommend for bot traders
  • 12:47 Caution about reconciling your tax reports and making sure that your cost basis is being calculated correctly
  • 15:00 Need more help with your crypto tax reports?
  • 16:33 If you need more time, file an extension! If you need help with your crypto tax reports, take our quiz and/or contact us about our crypto tax membership support group.

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Links for some other alternatives like Koinly, TaxBit and ZenLedger.

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