Review of The Plan by Dan Hollings

Sep 13, 2021


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The very mention of the word can frighten any normal person.


As Bitcoin has become an established alternate store of value and even more cryptocurrencies have been developed, most people have been quite content to leave the chatter of the Bitcoin fanatics in Reddit rooms and investing forums.

Buying crypto seems too hard with too many hurdles: just figuring out how to find a place to buy, store, and transfer cryptocurrency (and learning all the related lingo) frightens off most casual observers.

You may have noticed, though, that more and more financial newsletters and crypto advisory services are popping up in ads on your phone or in your email inbox. And maybe, just maybe, cryptocurrencies are starting to become more mainstream.

But the question remains: If you're ready to begin experimenting in this brave new world of cryptocurrency investing, how do you know who to trust?


A Better Way To Invest?

Meet Dan Hollings.

A former university instructor of Classical Guitar, Dan Hollings has been quietly working for three years on how to safely build a crypto fortune, and recently his friends convinced him to spill the beans and share his ideas with the rest of the world.

In the webinar presenting his newly developed investing course, Dan shares how he lost tons of money investing through the Crypto Winter of 2018 and then slowly turned his fortunes around.

One day, he started telling a couple friends about what he was doing and taught them a couple of his strategies.

They made money. And they were so impressed that they begged him to share it with others.

Dan reports that he didn't really WANT to teach others, but he reluctantly agreed to tutor some students for a fee between $10,000 and $20,000. (That fee did NOT include their capital needed to actually invest in the strategies!)

So many people jumped at the opportunity that soon Dan's friends convinced him to form the first class of students.

And The Plan: Phase 1 was born.


The Verdict 

What Dan teaches in The Plan is not only the basics of getting started. He also helps new investors think about strategies to grow and diversify their crypto holdings while still being as safe, conservative, and successful as possible.


One of the strategies he explains is Dollar Cost Averaging, where you pick one or more of your favorite currencies and set up an automatic investment of a small amount daily or weekly.


Sometimes you’ll buy in at higher prices, and sometimes you’ll buy in at lower prices, but over time your investment will grow while your average price overall will be lower than you would probably pay trying to time the market.


(Check out this calculator to play with your returns of investing $10 a day or even $10 a week over time:  Dollar-Cost-Averaging Calculator)


Another resource included in the class is a collection of tutorial videos and checklists that help you figure out how to join a cryptocurrency exchange that works well for your country, how to get money into your account, and all the other set-up stuff that scares off would-be investors.

Dan shares tips for how to get started, a good strategy to diversify your portfolio (so you never have all of your crypto eggs in one basket to get smashed by a nasty market), and all the guidance a new crypto investor could hope for in getting started.  He also has a great introduction for how to get started with crypto savings banks that can pay interest rates you would not believe on the assets you are Hodling (a cryptotrader’s favorite word: a misspelling of Holding by a drunk early trader typing in a forum has become a term that means to buy and hold crypto for as long as possible.)


But the cornerstone of the class is really Dan’s bot trading strategies.

One of my actual crypto investments earning me money!

A picture of one of a recent Trading Bots: all of the dots are trades that earned money! 


How to Trade in Cryptocurrencies

Without Losing Your Shirt 

It turns out that there’s a way to trade crypto that is very similar to the most foundational way of investing in stocks.


For a beginning stock investor, a great way to get started safely is by investing in dividend-paying stocks that have a history of increasing their dividend payouts regularly (aka a high dividend growth-rate) for the following reasons: 

  • Markets bounce around but dividend stocks pay you while you wait
  • Many dividend payouts increase over time
  • Investing in dividend stocks doesn’t take a lot of time to set-up or maintain
  • You can start investing with only a little money
  • Dividends pay more than bank interest and keep up better with inflation than cash


Dan has figured out a way to use trading bots and set up a grid around a crypto coin pair such that: 


  • The cryptos can bounce around, but you’re paid real profits while you wait
  • Payouts can increase over time
  • Getting started doesn’t take a lot of time and then you just let it run. (It’s actually harder doing nothing than you think!)
  • You can start with only a little money (but more than you need for dividend stocks – a bare minimum of $3000 for each bot-pair you set up; $10,000 is better if you have it)
  • The payouts earn a better return than bank interest, and crypto’s value, over the long-term, should do MUCH better than inflationary cash.


This class is recommended for anyone who is even remotely interested in investing in cryptocoins. No longer do you have to settle for the traditional risky ways of investing (buying some and hoping for the best or trying to time the market with day-trading). Now you can learn how to profit as the coins wiggle around!


In fact, if you’d like to learn more about the next time The Plan is being opened for students, sign up for our free book: Crypto Secrets for Passive Income.  In it we detail some of the beginning steps you can take to get started investing in cryptocurrencies while you wait for the class. You'll also be added to our newsletter list where we provide updates and useful information to crypto investors as well as notify our subscribers of when The Plan is open for students.


In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about beginning investing strategies in cryptocurrencies and how to get started, you can also check out Dan’s book One Coin, Two Coin, What Coin, Bitcoin (Amazon Affiliate link). 


Real Life Results From Real Life People


The Plan has now been released in two beta versions (beta because they have been working out how to teach the class, not because the strategies need improving!)

In July and September when they presented the second and third sales webinars, they showed the results of Every Single Student who invested with Dan in the tutorials he ran before he started the beta class.  


Every Single Student had a significant return.  


And every single student, although initially being restricted to a maximum investment of $25,000 while they learned, had accounts showing $100,000+.  


(The students believed in the strategies taught so much that they added a lot more in….of course, if they had $10,000 to pay for the original tutoring, they also probably had a lot more to invest than you might……still, it’s quite a testament to how successful one can be in the program.)

And if you'd like to read about an actual person's real results, one of our site editors has written about her first experiences investing in Bitcoin and how it all changed when she discovered The Plan. You can read about her experience and results here.

After reading this, do you have a question we haven't covered? Feel free to message us at [email protected].  We could talk about investments and crypto-bots all day!

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