Bitcoin just surged past $61,000!

Oct 15, 2021

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Why is the price going up?

It's hard to pick a single catalyst for why Bitcoin's price continues to rise.

October (aka Uptober) has brought constant bullish news: 

Gradually, then suddenly

After a slow summer, Bitcoin is approaching new all-time highs. Historically, after this happens the price explodes upward

Bitcoin is becoming more accepted by individuals, corporations, elected officials, and even some governments around the world.  

Yet, we're still early. Roughly 1-2% of the world owns any Bitcoin. Tons of upside!

What is an easy way to start investing in Bitcoin?

For people getting started, we like Swan a lot. Their mission is to educate and onboard the next 10 million Bitcoiners.

We're think Swan is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to buy Bitcoin. 

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