Researching the Best Crypto Interest Accounts

Oct 25, 2021

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Have you ever wondered how you earn interest on crypto? If you would like to experience some of the perks of the traditional banking world in cryptoland, there are a wide variety of platforms to choose from. Today I’m exploring four different possibilities as places to store some crypto with perks like interest rewards, loan possibilities, and credit card programs.

The Basics

Let’s start with a quick look at the four platforms and their basic histories.

As you can see, all four programs have been around for a small while, are widely available, and serve many customers. In addition, all four companies provide a loyalty program with their own tokens which can earn customers extra perks like increased interest rates on earning programs, decreased interest rates for loans, higher bonuses for referring your friends, and various other advantages.

Earn Programs

You might be wondering what is the best cryptocurrency savings account. The four companies I researched are all contenders. All four provide much higher interest rates for your crypto and stablecoin deposits than any traditional bank provides on your traditional fiat (local currency). In the chart, I compare the rates for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stablecoin deposits only, although all programs offer interest rates on many other cryptocurrencies.

Special notes on Earning Interest:

Abra: earn additional interest through their loyalty program launching in November of 2021. (I'm researching if the loyalty program is available to USA residents. Stay tuned!)

Celsius Network: extra rewards are possible for certain deposits; see promocodes listed on the website. Additional rewards up to 25% are available through their loyalty program. (Note for USA customers: loyalty tokens may be more difficult to obtain and cannot be earned as part of your interest rewards. You may earn lower interest because of this. Update (4/15/22): Celsius is currently not paying US customers any interest. Please check to make sure your region is supported for earning interest before moving any crypto here.)

Nexo: interest rates vary according to loyalty levels; base rates start at 4% per coin, 8% per stablecoin; more interest is paid for international customers (2% additional paid in Nexo tokens) for a total of 8% per coin, 12% per stablecoin; fixed terms also can earn more interest payable at the end of the fixed term. (Note for USA customers: loyalty tokens are expensive and/or difficult to obtain; USA customers are not eligible for extra 2% of interest in Nexo tokens; and some states can't earn ANY interest as of August 2021 so check the fine print carefully Update (4/15/22): Nexo is currently not paying US customers any interest. Please check to make sure your region is supported for earning interest before moving any crypto here.)

Voyager: monthly minimums are required to earn the interest specified. (currently .01 for BTC, .5 ETH, 100 USDC) Interest rates are announced monthly. Additional interest (up to 1.5%) available through their loyalty program. (I'm researching if the loyalty program is available to USA residents. Stay tuned!)

Loan Programs

Wouldn’t it be lovely to borrow money with a few clicks of your mouse and have:

•     no questions asked,

•     no credit checks,

•     no origination and other loan fees,

•     and be able to repay whenever you like?

These crypto loan programs all claim to be easy to use and very competitive with traditional loan programs.


Collateral: the coin(s) held in your account as insurance against your default; Assets held for collateral are usually not eligible to also earn interest.

LTV: Loan to value; 10% LTV of $1000 collateral is $100 borrowed

Interest: the amount you pay to borrow the money; usually listed as % APR (annual percentage rate)


•     borrow against ETH or BTC;

•     receive U.S. dollar backed stablecoins;

•     50% LTV rate of 9.95% APR;

•     10% LTV rate of 0% APR

•     Maximum loan of $110,000

Celsius Network:

•     borrow against 40+ different coins;

•     25% LTV rate of 1% APR;

•     50% LTV rate of 8.95% APR;

•     pay interest monthly;

•   no fees or minimum repayment terms but must pay a minimum of 6 months of interest if you close the loan early;

•     discount on interest for payments made with CEL (loyalty token)


•     borrow against 21 different coins;

•     up to 50% LTV,

•     min. loan of $50, max of $2 million;

•     rates start at 13.9% APR if you have no Nexo tokens;

•     lowest rate for highest loyalty level (NEXO tokens) is 6.9% APR;

•     no requirements on payments;

•     can repay with fiat or crypto;

•     if using NEXO as collateral, you can ALSO earn interest on your collateral

Voyager: no loan program

Other programs, perks, and things to note

Buy and/or Swap Tokens

Abra: purchase and swap for fees of $4.99 + 3.5% for amounts under $141; 7% for amounts over $142

Celsius: beta program rolling out with no fees for swaps

Nexo: purchase and swap fees with credit card: 1.49% for EU countries; 3.49% for non-EU countries; not available in Australia (and perhaps elsewhere: check fine print)

Voyager: 64 coins (and growing); commission free swaps; can set up recurring buys for a Dollar Cost Average strategy in whichever coins you like

Credit Card perks

Abra: no credit card yet

Celsius: coming soon; no fees ever; earn rewards on your spending; pay bill with fiat, stablecoins, or rewards

Nexo: yes: earn 2% cashback, no fees, extra perks for loyalty members; better for international customers

Voyager: coming soon; earn rewards in crypto on your spending, no fees, discounts on crypto withdrawals


Abra: no fees for loans, deposits, withdrawals to banks, sending to other Abra users; withdrawal fees are the Bitcoin network fee only; fees charged for buying/swapping

Celsius: no fees ever

Nexo: no fees for deposits; 1 free withdrawal per month with more available through loyalty program

Voyager: fees listed in app for transfers; $50 fee for wires; no fees for ACH deposits/withdrawals

Send Money

Abra: to other Abra users; no fees for sending or receiving money

Celsius: to anyone; People without the Celsius app will be prompted to install the app to claim their payment; no transaction fees for sending or receiving money

Nexo: can send to any crypto address/wallet but not specifically supported

Voyager: can send to any crypto address/wallet but not specifically supported

Referral programs

All four platforms encourage you to invite your friends to join in the fun. See the chart for details on their offers.

Closing thoughts

As you can see, every platform is different and has various pros and cons. It’s my aim to help you pick the best crypto savings platform for your current needs by examining these charts and comparisons. (But don't take my word for it: the more I research these places, the more restrictions for various states and countries I do your own research and read the fine print if the platform will work for YOU in YOUR locale!)

In summary, here’s what I think about each platform:

Abra’s website motto is “buy, trade, borrow, earn”. As a growing platform, users can earn a lot of extra perks and rewards before the official loyalty program and tokens launch on November 15, 2021. I’m also intrigued by the 0% APR loan rate. 

Celsius’s motto is: Unbank yourself: Earn high. Borrow low. Change the world. They also emphasize their transparency and that they charge no fees: ever. I like that they have higher interest rates, decent loan rates, and the highest referral fees for my friends. (Update: I'm frustrated that new USA customers can't earn interest!)

Nexo prides itself on its security and insurance for their customers’ holdings. It already has its credit card program up and running with great perks for international customers. I like the interest and loan rates a lot, but, as a USA based customer, I find it frustrating to obtain the NEXO loyalty tokens that buy you the best rates and perks. (Update: I'm also frustrated that new USA customers can't earn interest!)

Voyager is a little bit of an outlier here as it is more of a trading platform as well as the only publicly traded company on this list. However, it also boasts some of the highest interest rates I have seen with the caveat of requiring a minimum deposit to earn those rates. I’m also intrigued by the loyalty program perks and the possibility of Dollar Cost Averaging through their platform (although I could not find good information on fees charged; trades are listed as “commission free”.)

Which platform will you choose?

If you'd like to open an account and earn a free bonus, check out our referral links! (Please note: referral program bonuses change often: check the company's website for their current offers; also note that USA customers are being prohibited from earning interest at Celsius and Nexo; always do your own research if a platform will meet your needs and is allowed in your area.)

Abra: Earn $25 in CPRX after a minimum balance of $15 for 30 days (not an affiliate link)

Celsius Network: Earn $50 after a transfer of $400 for 30 days

Nexo: Earn $10 in Bitcoin after a deposit of $100 for 30 days

Voyager: Earn $25 in Bitcoin after a minimum trade of $100