Solve Your Crypto Taxes Headache

Feb 18, 2022

How to prepare your crypto tax reports without losing sleep, wasting time, or getting frustrated!

Is the thought of doing your crypto tax reporting keeping you from sleeping at night?


If you bought and sold any cryptocurrencies this year, your government probably wants you to report your capital gains, but the thought of filling out more tax forms leaves most people tired and frustrated.


Fortunately, the crypto transaction reporting necessary for your taxes doesn’t need to a huge headache for you!

Watch this fun video where Jessica unpacks her experiences with taxes and our favorite cryptocurrency tax software recommendation. She also explores how the software can help make your transaction reporting relatively easy....but stay tuned to the end if you're interested in more support for your situation! (And don't miss out on our affiliate link where you can save 10% off your purchase! Check below the video for more info!)

Here is what you'll find in this video:

  • 0:00 Teaser – Intro
  • 0:27 Credits and Disclaimers
  • 0:57 It’s Tax Season!
  • 3:33 Best Tax Reporting Software Solution
  • 5:44 Did you purchase or sell cryptocurrencies in the past year?
  • 6:14 The best plan for new investors with very few transactions
  • 8:30 The plan for investors with up to 3500 transactions
  • 10:03 The plan for more active traders
  • 11:13 The unlimited plan: benefits and considerations
  • 13:05 The Dancing Bear! (Who says taxes can’t be fun?!)
  • 13:17 A look at the software
  • 14:12 Connecting your accounts to the software and which platforms are currently supported
  • 15:51 Validating transactions and checking for errors
  • 16:09 Preparing your tax reports: customize it for your country
  • 17:46 A jaw-dropping look at how many transactions are generated by bot trading automation software
  • 19:17 Exploring the fun statistics on the Dashboard
  • 21:38 What to do if you’re not a tax nerd and you need help
  • 23:32 Getting your crypto tax bookkeeping done for you?
  • 24:13 Coupon codes and deals for you!
  • 25:22 Closing remarks: Crypto is the future. Let us help you!
  • 25:43 Check out our blog and other videos

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